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Middle England - Honestly [Official Video]

Shot over 5 days in and around central London, starring the beautiful Helena Kuntz (Von Kuntz) and featuring the faces of hundreds of Londoners - the official video for Honestly by Middle England is out today! Watch it now:

The Faces of London

The debut video from Middle England does more than simply maintaining the air of mystery about the band. With the help of director Rory Rae, Middle England juxtapose the meaning of the music behind the people it's written about and for. Honestly is troubled music for troubled times. In a track that could so easily be misconstrued as arrogant, angry and hateful - the video highlights the universal reality of the ideas it introduces.

Thank You

While filming this video we met hundreds of incredible Londoner's all of whom gave their time to participate in a video shot by two strangers. It always amazes me how easy it was to get people involved, especially as it is not something I could imagine doing myself. Needless to say I am eternally grateful that there are people out there who have the confidence, strength and passion to go out of their way to help a stranger. This song and video is dedicated to everyone who is involved with it. While you may not remember us, your faces are etched into our minds forever, we are no longer strangers, we are Middle England.

Follow Middle England

Follow Middle England - the Band of Hope & Glory

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