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Middle England - Old Town Sound [OUT NOW]

The follow-up single from Middle England - the Band of Hope & Glory is out now and available to stream - listen now

Old Town Sound

Follow-up ‘Old Town Sound’ picks up the baton from ‘Honestly’. As the instrumental grows in intensity, its gritty bedroom-punk beat flecked with dub sonics, Lucky switches between wistful verses and choruses where the sing-a-long melodies come with a darker, more serrated edge. It’s a juxtaposition which perfectly augments the feeling of Lucky’s bars - sometimes melancholy, sometimes witty - about growing listless in the big city.

Jamie Muck:

All the artwork for the Lucky EP has been done by Bristol-based artist Jamie Muck. Muck's style couples thick, hand drawn outlines with bold, block filled colours. There is an element of comedy in his works with the simplicity of 50s & 60s illustrations juxtaposed in a more modern context.

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